My First Red Mushrooms (Fly Agaric)!

I’ve been hunting red mushrooms (Fly Agaric) for many years, but I’ve never been successful, so while on a recon this morning for a group walk, I actually managed to find a few! I didn’t take my proper cameras, but had my trusty phone, so not all was lost!

There we have it, just a quick post with some mushrooms! I’m not sure why everyone is obsessed with mushrooms at the moment, but I knew that I had to find some red ones! I would like to thank my wife who found a few of them, as we both foraged around a long walk hunting high and low for them!

I’ll have my camera next time!

See you all soon!


Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

14 thoughts on “My First Red Mushrooms (Fly Agaric)!

  1. Even for “just a phone”, these look great.

    This is exactly the type of subject that shows the value of that flip out LCD on my X-T2/3 cameras. Time was you’d lay belly down on the damp ground to properly compose through the finder.

    This is also the kind of subject that makes me think that a monochrome only camera wouldn’t work for me. Great colors!

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    1. Thanks Marc. As it was just a recon, and the wife was with me, I thought I better behave and not take the camera 😂 she’s always having a go at me because the camera is always with me!

      Thank goodness for modern phone cameras! It’s taken me so long to find these mushrooms.

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  2. this is the first time i have noticed seeing them for real, i haven’t really looked for them, quite forgotten about including fungi in my drawings, only remember seeing illustrations before and to see these; they are quite surprising! it may be just me but they seem almost frightening in the flesh! think these will be an inspiration for me now! i shall have to have a go at drawing them, brilliant pictures thank you for sharing, and for the inspiration, hope you have a wonderful weekend

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      1. i think the most surprising thing was to see how the white bits are in fact raised, like as if it has something growing on the surface, never realised that before, would be interesting to see magnified, if you have your camera next time and are able to get as close up as possible, that would be something i would love to see! (sorry i am not a photographer-that’s why i love following photography blogs i love seeing all the fabulous pictures)

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