Editing Made Simple In Darktable. A Video.

I’m back! Well, I haven’t gone anywhere, but I have not made any videos for a while. I thought I would do this video as so many people give up on Darktable to quickly, so this is a guide to show you how, in just a few steps, you can get great results!

I hope you enjoyed that! Even if its useful to one person I will be more than happy.

Until next time!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

5 thoughts on “Editing Made Simple In Darktable. A Video.

  1. Hi Mark,
    Very well-founded Darktable workflow.
    I myself also use Darktable, but not as the main photo development program.
    The biggest problem for many people is that the official help (still 3.8 I think) on Darktable is always behind the current version – now 4.0.1- making it difficult to solve questions and problems.
    Clean installed versions don’t all seem to work the same way either – as in your example, on exposure, I didn’t have a droplet to set the exposure, i have to use the slider. The exposure mode cannot go from manual to auto, and so there are many things that are different – even with the same version.
    I can only assume that this is mainly a Linux problem, the Windows versions will probably all be the same, while the Linux versions come from different sources, and possibly compiled differently.

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  2. Mark,

    I noticed in a recent video that your Styles were in the main Styles Library but also, withe the exception of the “Basic Adjustments” were also added to the Preset Library of Colour Zone Module in Darktable. is there a specific reason for doing this? BTW, really like your straight forward style to explaining DT so please keep it up if you can.

    Many thanks

    David Hicks

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    1. Yes! There’s a good reason, it’s because I often apply the “Basics adjustments” and and then go through the Colour Zones presets to then check what I want.

      You can add them yourself by losing each DT Style into Darktable, one at a time, and then saving Colour Zones each time with the name as a preset.

      Thank you for watching and using the presets. More coming soon!


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