Editing Made Simple In Darktable. A Video.

I’m back! Well, I haven’t gone anywhere, but I have not made any videos for a while. I thought I would do this video as so many people give up on Darktable to quickly, so this is a guide to show you how, in just a few steps, you can get great results!

I hope you enjoyed that! Even if its useful to one person I will be more than happy.

Until next time!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm Documentary Photographer & Blogger.

2 thoughts on “Editing Made Simple In Darktable. A Video.

  1. Hi Mark,
    Very well-founded Darktable workflow.
    I myself also use Darktable, but not as the main photo development program.
    The biggest problem for many people is that the official help (still 3.8 I think) on Darktable is always behind the current version – now 4.0.1- making it difficult to solve questions and problems.
    Clean installed versions don’t all seem to work the same way either – as in your example, on exposure, I didn’t have a droplet to set the exposure, i have to use the slider. The exposure mode cannot go from manual to auto, and so there are many things that are different – even with the same version.
    I can only assume that this is mainly a Linux problem, the Windows versions will probably all be the same, while the Linux versions come from different sources, and possibly compiled differently.

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