An Informal Selfie Shoot

I’ve been really lacking inspiration for photography lately. I go out weekly, take photos, but have no desire to do more than a couple of edits. I’ve been trying to make videos from these outings, and I have been taking video, but I’ve just lost the mojo to put everything together. So, I thought IContinue reading “An Informal Selfie Shoot”

Fujifilm raw files and why they can look underexposed in Darktable

Many users of Darktable are Fujifilm camera users, and thankfully Fujifilm raw files work nicely with Darktable. However, I had some comments from Darktable users where they say that Fujifilm files can be underexposed by seemingly a lot once you open them in the darkroom. Here is your answer to why this is! I’ll giveContinue reading “Fujifilm raw files and why they can look underexposed in Darktable”

Darktable: Filmic RGB, Sigmoid Or Neither?

Darktable is an amazing piece of software, however, the decision to develop a separate module from the Filmic RGB module which they have named Sigmoid has caused some confusion among Darktable users. They are both intended to do the same, or very similar things, but both give quite different results. First of all some informationContinue reading “Darktable: Filmic RGB, Sigmoid Or Neither?”

Using Frequency Separation to Retouch Portraits

Introduction Being a portrait photographer inherently comes with a responsibility to ensure the model looks their best in the final images. It is important to showcase their natural beauty, but at the same time remove “imperfections” that otherwise may be an unfair distraction. This brings us swiftly on to the subject of retouching; the “darkContinue reading “Using Frequency Separation to Retouch Portraits”

Darktable 4.2 Review And Overview

Another year is ending (and ended!) with a new Darktable release, and the free and open source community brings us another stunning release with Darktable 4.2. This is a major update, and not because it offers many new features (it has a few great news features!), but because many parts of it have been re-written,Continue reading “Darktable 4.2 Review And Overview”