A Misty Morning

For the second day in a row we have had really misty weather. Today I thought I would take advantage of that and go and take some photographs. My idea was to only use the jpeg images from today, which I shot in Velvia, and while I shared those images with social media, I decided to edit the raw files in Darktable using my Velviatic DT Style anyway!

I seem to be addicted to editing raw files again! I know my philosophy for a lot of the last 18-24 months was to use jpeg whenever I could, but that phase is over now, as I love to spend a little time editing. After-all, if you’re going to get the jpeg into an editor for some minor tweaks (even just cropping), you may as well edit the raw file! Darktable was called upon once again, and as I shot Velvia, I decided to use my Velviatic DT Style, but obviously have more room to play with these misty, foggy raw files!

All files contain full EXIF data, please click on each one to see full screen.

Mist is so interesting to photograph in, it brings you challenges to not just taking the photograph, but editing the photograph too. I was only seeing some people come into shot as I was pointing the camera, as it was that thick on times. Sometimes, especially near the river, the camera struggled to focus as there was nothing really to focus on. Plus of course, it was damn cold! As for editing, well, mist/fog is mist/fog, and it can be difficult to control in editing, but thankfully Darktable is great!

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Thank you.


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