Editing Habits – The Big Poll Results

It’s always interesting to get an idea of how long the average person takes to edit the average photograph. Of course we all know that some images can take longer or less time than usual, so we were looking for the typical edit time for an image if you had been out on a photography shoot and you were doing the batch of images.

We had comments and reaction from both amateur and professional photographers, in various Facebook groups and via YouTube.

The question was as follows and answers were as follows:

“Weekend #Poll: How long do you spend editing a typical image when you’re editing a batch from a photography session?

Option 1: Don’t edit or barely touch – A few seconds
Option 2: Process the image fully – up Up to 10 minutes
Option 3: Mostly spend more time – Over 10 minutes

The results were quite surprising at how close the first too most popular choices came in. Here is a summery of each response and the percentage of how each question ended the poll.

“Don’t edit or barely touch – A few seconds” came unsurprisingly first with 52% of all the votes. This was popular amongst all types of photographers.

“Process the image fully – up Up to 10 minutes” came in second place with 35.5% of the votes. This was again popular with all types of photographers, especially those who edited landscapes or were in camera clubs where they manipulated their images a bit more.

Finally, “Mostly spend more time – Over 10 minutes” came in last with 12.5% of the votes. This was chosen seemingly mostly by amateurs from the comments and looking at who voted, which makes sense as time is money if you’re a professional for the most part.

This is quite an interesting selection of results, and for the most part, I think we can all agree, the less time you have to spend editing, the more time you can have for taking photographs, printing photographs and enjoying life.

Take from it what you will. This was a cross-section of poll results from three large Facebook groups (GPWSW, Fujifilm Lovers Worldwide & Fujifilm Film Simulations (sooc) plus the website onecameraonelens.com)

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

2 thoughts on “Editing Habits – The Big Poll Results

  1. I would probably fall into all three categories, sometimes little or nothing is needed for a good jpg, sometimes it needs a little more attention, and in a number of cases you switch to Raw, and you are busy for a while.

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