Dehancer Review: The ultimate film emulation plugin.

It’s very much in vogue right now, especially among Fujifilm photographers, to try and make their images look like they were taken from a film camera. However, although Fujifilm film simulations are great, and software based LUTs and presets do a good job, they’re all “almost” the look. Here is where Dehancer comes to theContinue reading “Dehancer Review: The ultimate film emulation plugin.”

Is the experience of using a 35mm film camera really different to a digital camera?

It’s funny, all my life I’ve been taking photos. Through a lot of that time it’s been quite a serious past time, while at other times it’s been about capturing the moment and having fun. But I’ve actually stopped shooting 35mm film, and for a good reason. I remember my first “proper” 35mm film camera.Continue reading “Is the experience of using a 35mm film camera really different to a digital camera?”

10 Reasons you buy a Fujifilm camera

Being a Fujifilm photographer is wonderful, but their cameras usually draw a certain kind of photographer, one who has wishes and needs that differ from your usual photography needs. Over the years there have been many reasons noted to as why you would consider going to Fujifilm. Here is a list of the top tenContinue reading “10 Reasons you buy a Fujifilm camera”

A Day Out With The Instax Evo At Clyne Gardens Swansea

Sometimes it’s great to travel light. Lighter than normal that is, with a small camera that fits in your pocket! A recent visit to Clyne Gardens in Swansea allowed me to travel super light, armed only with my Fujifilm Instax Evo Mini! The Fujifilm Instax Evo Mini is a brilliant new camera from Fujifilm thatContinue reading “A Day Out With The Instax Evo At Clyne Gardens Swansea”

Fujifilm Instax Evo initial impressions

There have been many reviews on the internet, both YouTube, blogs and websites of the Fujifilm Instax Evo from individuals, sadly, most of them are not long-term Instax photographers, but have just jumped into the reviews because this is an exciting product. As an Instax user for a few years now, I want to reviewContinue reading “Fujifilm Instax Evo initial impressions”