Mumbles Hill Nature Reserve & Town Visit

It was a very windy day with intermittent sunshine, and our regular weekly group meet activities took us to Mumbles Hill Nature Reserve, leading us down into Mumbles town before finishing off where we started. A perfect day for being out and enjoying ourselves as a group, as well as taking photographs from the amazing vantage points that we came across.

I was armed with my Fujifilm X-T3 and 50-230mm lens, along with my Huawei P30 Pro phone today (which I used for wide shots) and took no more than 100 photographs of the area, and the people. These images are below in two groups, the camera images followed by the phone images. All images are the jpegs, all images are resized to my usual 1200pixels on the longest side. A couple of images have had their exposure raised using Photoscape X Pro (I tend to prefer to expose to the left for the most part to maintain the skies).

The Fujifilm images have the MGA Colour Chrome+ film sim recipe while the Huawei images were taken using the Leica Smooth profile. I think after the last few outings with the camera, I have made my mind up and I will no longer be photographing in raw for most of the time (only on times where I think I might need raw). It’s been on my mind for ages, and I rarely go back to raw files once I’ve edited them once, and in fact, since moving to Fuji, I am more inclined to edit the jpeg images these days.

I hope that you enjoyed the images, and there will be soon many more to come! Please like, comment and subscribe to support me. Thank you.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

4 thoughts on “Mumbles Hill Nature Reserve & Town Visit

  1. I’am amazed at the pictures you sometimes see taken on smart phones by people, and your pictures Mark are again such proof of that, great shots! no wonder the camera market is selling badly. It was my wife’s birthday recently, and I bought her the new Samsung A72 with 4 rear cameras, 64mp main camera, amazing! You would almost throw away your bag with kilos of camera material.

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    1. I really enjoy the combination of the 50-230mm and the phone for wide shots rather than changing lenses each time I need to go wider. Gives me an excuse to use my phone camera more too!

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      1. Yes, about that 50-230mm …
        I bought it, as you said, I have an excuse, I have to test lenses 🙂 so no GAS.
        It actually came in a kit, so I now also have a 16-50mm and an X-A2 … for testing purposes only.

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