Penllergare Valley Woods Photography with Fujifilm X-T3 and Viltrox 23mm lens.

It was a cold winter morning, and Penllergare Valley Woods was to be the subject of todays photo shoot. For this one I wanted to travel light, and only took my Fujifilm X-T3 and the Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 lens. My idea for the day was to simply take as many low shots as was possible, while trying to capture the cold, winter air and the feeling of discovery.

Timing was perfect, and for the first half of the morning, there was mist, frost and a general feeling of a cold, cold winter wind biting through our gloves. Of course, as it was Tuesday, it meant it was a Great Photography Walks South Wales outing that I had organised, and the day did not disappoint.

All photos were edited in Photoscape X Pro from their jpeg, but a bit differently to usual. I cropped, added a cinematic filter and that was that. No changes in exposure, shadows or highlights, just kept it as simple as I could. I also messed around with some double exposures, although these were left as was.

As I mentioned, I also tried a couple of double exposures, and these are the results straight from the camera.

It was a fantastic day. Using one camera and one lens, especially one focal length, really brings out the best in your photography. However, I must admit, I did cheat a bit and use my Huawei P30 Pro for a couple of shots that I wanted super wide angles or long exposures for. I see a mobile phone camera as an extension to your usual camera, and, at the end of the day, a camera is a camera in this day and age.

These were cropped to 6:4 and edited in Photoscape X Pro. Again, I was happy with the image out of camera, but just wanted a little something different, to show that the camera really doesn’t matter.

And there we have it. Penllergare Valley Woods is a stunning location based on the outskirts of Swansea, and within easy reach of the M4. If you travel through Swansea on the M4, you probably pass it without even knowing it is there! If you have liked what you see, please like, comment and subscribe. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!

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Lockdown Photography Is Tough

Recently in Wales we had what they called a “Firebreak” lockdown where there were restrictions on where we could go, what shops were open and what places we could visit. I took advantage of this to try and be creative with some photography, so my goal was to take a photo a day.

I managed 15 photographs from the 17 days that we were locked down. Sometimes I just had to force myself to take them, sometimes they came naturally. These photos are not meant to be particularly awesome in any way, but I think I managed to grab one or two that interest me.

Images were edited in a mobile phone app called “Koda”, which has many filters for old cameras, plus effects and other such things. I used it just to use something different.

Here are my 15 photos from Wales’ Lockdown, October/November 2020.

A variety of photographs, taking any opportunities I could to get the photograph. It’s surprising how hard it can be if you loose your mojo because of circumstances.

Looking at the images after I have put this together, I quite like a number of them a lot more than I thought, plus I quite like the editing style. Let me know what you think!

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Minimalistic Photography Shoots

Photography is an ever expanding journey into discovery. Standing still makes you become boring, so it’s nice to get out of your comfort zone and do things a little different on times. For these images I didn’t deliberately go out of my way to get something different, but due to circumstances and editing technique, the photos formed a series which I quite like, and may expand on in the future.

The photos were mostly take on my Fujifilm X-T20 using various film simulations for the most part, although there is one photograph from my Nikon camera and one from my Huawei Phone as well. The style for these is minimalistic and artistic, hopefully standing out a little different from my usual photographs.

The first seven photographs were edited in Snapseed during my downtime, while the eighth was edited in Photoshop 2020. I will use whichever editing software I have with me at the time, quite often using Snapseed to just try out ideas. Quite often though, as here, I will keep the final results without going into any other software. All images except the final image were edited from the camera jpeg.

Please view them full screen on your computer to see their beauty. All images come with EXIF data.

I believe variety is the spice of life, and that includes what I shoot, what I shoot it with and what I edit it in. A photographer can become to boring using one thing all the time, or staying to one type of editing style. You have to keep it interesting, you have to edit for your wall and you have to print out your photos to really understand where you are going with your photography.

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