A Day At The River With A Vintage Lens

Ah, The Quays in Neath Port Talbot is a lovely place to visit. A circular route along the River Neath, and around near the power station back onto yourself. A diverse landscape of water, mountains, beaches and forests, with various wildlife and life on the water. It’s somewhere I’ve been many times, so for the most of this journey I used my latest new lens.

I was lucky enough to be given a couple of things lately, and one of those was the Yashica 5cm F/2 lens. A lens that was originally released in the 1960’s and still regarded as a fantastic lens. Its sharp and has fantastic bokeh (out of focus areas) and of course, fully manual. So, apart from a few shots of bees and butterflies, everything here was taken on that lens. Using the X-T3 dials, along with the lens’ aperture ring, it felt like I was shooting film again! So I decided to use my Colour Chrome+ recipe and then after a short while, the Vintage Summer recipe!

These images were put into DXO PhotoLab 5 where I cropped and resized, as well as doing tweaks to contrast and exposure if needed. That was it though, the colours you see are straight from camera!

The following images were shot using the Fujifilm X-T3 and Fujinon XC50-230mm or Yashica 5cm F/2 lenses (Images after and including red water thingy are Yashica @F/2):

The following images were shot on the Fujifilm X-T3 and Yashica 5cm F/2 adapted vintage lens in MGA Vintage Chrome recipe:

As always, it was great to lead a great bunch of photographers on a photographic journey. There’s always something different to be done. If we’ve been to places numerous times, it’s nice to try out other things, such as using a different lens. I missed focus on a few images, but not too many, and even then, the images with missed focus are still useable and actually look like they could be from old film images that I took many years ago.

I’m really enjoying using Vintage Summer as a recipe for the camera. Whereas I used to shoot it at 0EV, I now push it until it is just over-exposing, and the really like the look! I hope that you like the images. As always, I love comments and discussion, it keeps me motivated! So let me have it!

Thank you for your time as always!


Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

4 thoughts on “A Day At The River With A Vintage Lens

  1. It always feels great to shoot with a vintage lens, and with a Fujifilm X-T series camera it feels even better because of the dials, just like in the old days, I love it !
    If you take the Yashica lens on a trip again, let us know what type it is, and what mount it has. Many photographers love information and/or reviews about old lenses.
    A very nice series of photos, with a very summery vintage tint.

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  2. The day looks like it was just lovely. I have an old made in the 60’s wide angle lens for my Nikon cameras that I love using on my Nikon Df. It too has the vintage dials and knobs that I love using as well. I’ll be bringing that lens/camera out on the 25th to photograph the Great Conjunction happening here.

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