A Walk In The Park With The 50-230mm

Today was a day for some recon on a destination to take the photography group that I run. Although we have visited Margam Park many times before, this was the first time this year, and I decided to visit a trail we have never been on. I travelled light, with just the 50-230mm lens attached to the X-T3, and I couldn’t have chosen a nicer day to do it on!

All images are edited from raw in Darktable 4. They are all cropped to my now standard 5:4 ratio which I really like the look of, and they all have my “Chrome With Nice Greens” colour grading that I have developed in Darktable’s colour zones section.

Today was just a quick visit, next Tuesday will be a much more in-depth visit with the group. On that journey however, I will be just taking the Olympus and the 14-42mm with me and trying to get some very alternate views of the place.

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Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

5 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park With The 50-230mm

  1. A beautiful series of photos Mark, and what a beautiful castle ! I think this was the first time you also have a view with the castle and industry in the far distance. The contrast between old and new is very special, and at the same time very strange. One always thinks, with such beautiful photos of a domain, that it is far from everything.

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