Langland Bay To Caswell Bay And Back. Beautiful Coastline Of Wales.

Wales has some spectacular scenery, as you’ve probably seen over the years on this website. We are lucky enough to live around half and hour from this spectacular walk along the coastline, from Langland Bay along the coastal pathway to Caswell Bay. There was a lovely café at Caswell, a perfect place to stop, before our return journey.

I thought I would go light for today, as the weather was a bit hit or miss, and I knew there would be some hills. I used the Fujifilm X-T3 and Viltrox 56mm for some landscapes and all the portraits that I took of the group of people I organised the walk for, plus I took my Olympus E-PL8 with the 14-42mm for some general photography. Images were edited in Darktable, the portraits edited using the Filmic module and Natural Look Portraits DT Style, while everything else was edited using the Sigmoid module along with the Pastel DT Style.

Here are the general photography images, all EXIF is in the image information.

And here are the group portraits. The image of myself was taken by my friend Mike.

I’m really happy with the images and the company I had today. I love the Viltrox 56mm F/1.4 lens, the portraits are so beautiful with this lens! And of course, the Olympus did not let me down either! If you are ever in the area, please feel free to look us up and join our little band of photographers!

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Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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