A Visit To Bishops Wood And Caswell Bay

Bishops Wood is a beautiful nature reserve in Swansea, Wales. It has 46 acres of woodland and limestone grassland, and it is home to many rare plants and animals. Bishops Wood is also a site of special scientific interest and a special area of conservation. You can enjoy a walk through the ancient trees, admire the views of the sea, and visit the countryside centre. Bishops Wood is a great place to explore and learn about nature. It is situated directly next to Caswell Bay, so you can have a day of woodland and beaches!

Although warm, the weather started off sunny but soon turned very overcast. I wanted to travel light, so I just carried my Fujifilm X-T3 with the 50-230mm, and I used my Google Pixel 6 for wider angle images. I have also made a video of this exciting place, which I will share at a later date as I do not have the energy to put it together tonight!

Here are the images of the day, which were edited in ON1 Photo Raw 2023. As usual, please feel free to click on the images to make them full screen,

I did not take many photographs today, but I enjoyed the day and I enjoyed the people I was with. See if you can notice without looking, which are the phone images and which are the X-T3 images! I may have already given it away with some information above.

I also have some more news… As today I also become a Nikon photographer again! It is something I will share with you soon, and it is probably not what you are thinking! So, until next time, please like, comment and subscribe!

Oh! And I have a backlog of 3 or 4 articles to get out, so the site should be busy for a while, plus I am away next week, so I will be busy on social media. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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