Southerndown And Dunraven Bay Visit

A visit to Southerndown and Dunraven Bay in Wales was on the cards. It had been a while since we had been there, and the weather was gloomy with the promise of moody skies. Armed with my two new Viltrox lenses on my X-T3, I took a few photographs. Something a bit different with theContinue reading “Southerndown And Dunraven Bay Visit”

A Walk Along The Coast. Mumbles To Blackpill

It was such a gloomy morning, but the photography session had to go on! By the time we headed across the bay to Mumbles, the sun was out, the coats were off and we were ready to take photographs of an area that we had not ventured before! Armed with the Olympus EPL8 and theContinue reading “A Walk Along The Coast. Mumbles To Blackpill”