A family break with the CCD Nikon Coolpix P50.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, we took a family holiday and I didn’t take my main camera with me. In the past I’ve tried to shrink things by only taking the smallest lens, and just keeping it to one camera love lens, however this time it was the vintageContinue reading “A family break with the CCD Nikon Coolpix P50.”

My New (Old) Nikon, And Why I Had To Have It!

As you may know by now, I have a new camera, and I am back to Nikon with this one! I have been trying to find a particular kind of camera for a while, and the ones I have from the era have all lost their chargers or have other issues. Well, out of theContinue reading “My New (Old) Nikon, And Why I Had To Have It!”

Why I didn’t go full frame and went with Fujifilm

Around two years ago I decided that it was time for a change. I’d been shooting with various Nikon cameras (D40, D3200, D5300, D7100) over the years, alongside shooting film. I’d also had hands on with many other camera makes and different sensor sizes from micro four-thirds Panasonic cameras through to Nikon, Sony and CanonContinue reading “Why I didn’t go full frame and went with Fujifilm”

Cure Your GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

GAS is a horrible thing. “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” is when you feel the urge to constantly buy cameras, lenses or other photography equipment. There’s no stopping you, it’s like a crazy drug taking over your body. With this article, we’ll look at curing this awful disease. I’ve had GAS really bad. During my Nikon days,Continue reading “Cure Your GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)”