LuminarAI Version 2 is here! A look at the most advanced AI powered photo editor!

LuminarAI Version 2 is now here! Use code GPWNPT at the checkout if your upgrading or buying new!

Download LuminarAI Version 2

Luminar AI Version 2 is now available to purchase, and gives you the creative power to edit your photos like never before. LuminarAI’s clever creators have built a package that can be as powerful and hands on as you want, or you can use their clever AI software to create masterpieces in a fraction of the time, while still having control of the finished look.

Editing in LuminarAI

Why use LuminarAI?

LuminarAI had unique technologies and AI tools that help you create images that you’d never had thought possible. They allow the amateur to create professional results, and the professional to get the job done great and efficiently!

It’s it easy to use?

LuminarAI is as simple as you want it to be, and you can pick it up in a few clicks. There are also plenty of tutorials available should you need more help.

Is it subscription based?

Unlike other products, LuminarAI is an affordable one off payment. Use code GPWNPT at the checkout if you are upgrading from Luminar 4 or new to LuminarAI and see what discount you are entitled to!

LuminarAI allows you to:

Instantly replace complicated skies on a level not matched by other software. You’ll even get the sky reflections in water!

Get perfect portraits in seconds with LuminarAI’s advanced portrait editing features. You’ll have professional results in seconds!

Enrich your photos with the largest selection of actually useful tools, including AI object placement, subtle sun rays, content aware structure adjustments, sky enhancements, smart contrast, fast and efficient object removal, remove noise, enhance details and much much more!

You’ll also have full cataloguing and viewing features allowing you to work professionally and keep your images organised for anytime that you need them.

At a glance…

Just some of the many features.

Sign up now for a free trial and see the power of LuminarAI. I am an affiliate for Skylum Software, and each time you make a purchase you help me a little to support this site as the money goes to renewing the domain name.

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