Luminar Neo Review

I’ve been testing Luminar Neo for the last three months or so now, so I knew what my expectations would be for the final release. Skylum software has promised an editing package of phenomenal power, but have they delivered? What is Luminar Neo? Neo is the follow up editing package to LuminarAI, which in itselfContinue reading “Luminar Neo Review”

A Preview Of Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is coming, and will be with us very soon. This latest iteration is firmly based on coupling the best of Luminar 4 and LuminarAI and putting them into a single package with a ton of extra features. But it’s not just the AI functions that make Luminar great, there’s so much more forContinue reading “A Preview Of Luminar Neo”

LuminarAI Version 2 is here! A look at the most advanced AI powered photo editor!

LuminarAI Version 2 is now here! Use code GPWNPT at the checkout if your upgrading or buying new! Download LuminarAI Version 2 Luminar AI Version 2 is now available to purchase, and gives you the creative power to edit your photos like never before. LuminarAI’s clever creators have built a package that can be asContinue reading “LuminarAI Version 2 is here! A look at the most advanced AI powered photo editor!”

Who is Artificial Intelligence editing software aimed at?

More and more software proclaims to use artificial intelligence to help users edit their images these days, with the likes of Photoshop, Luminar and ON1 Photo Raw 2021 offering modules that give the power of advanced editing to the computer, so that your free time is extended and you can go and take photos insteadContinue reading “Who is Artificial Intelligence editing software aimed at?”

The Best Editing Software You’ll Ever Need Is…

There have been hundreds and thousands of articles written about the best software that any photographer should use. They’ll tell you why you should use this software, and how it makes you a better editor of photographs. What this article well set out to achieve once and for all, is the best piece of editingContinue reading “The Best Editing Software You’ll Ever Need Is…”