These powerful Google Photos editing features make it awesome!

Do you spend a lot of time looking at and editing your photos on your phone or tablet? Do you edit the odd photo on your phone or tablet? Whichever you answer, there’s a brilliant feature of Google Photos that many people don’t know about. When you’re looking at your images in Google Photos, youContinue reading “These powerful Google Photos editing features make it awesome!”

New Fujifilm Recipe: Vintage Summer

I have been working on a “summer” type recipe for a while, but never been happy with the results. So I started from scratch and tried again. This time I liked the results. “Vintage Summer” is a recipe for a summers day, with that vintage vibe. If you’re a Fujifilm photographer, please join our new communityContinue reading “New Fujifilm Recipe: Vintage Summer”

Street Photography In Porthcawl

Street photography is something myself and others really want to experiment with a lot more than we do. It’s a fascinating form of photography, capturing everyday people doing everyday things and trying to make it interesting. It’s something I’ve done a few times over the years, but today was exceptional fun as the weather wasContinue reading “Street Photography In Porthcawl”

Resolven Canal And Melincourt Waterfall

A fantastic visit to Resolven Canal and Melincourt Waterfall on Tuesday June 8th 2021 give us the opportunity to get out and just enjoy the sun, while taking in the sites. Everything was very green, so this always presents a challenge. But I’m very happy with the final results. Armed with my trusty Fujifilm X-T3Continue reading “Resolven Canal And Melincourt Waterfall”

Evening Beach and Park fun!

After a long day of photographing canals and waterfalls, tonight I let my hair down and decided to go and photograph in the evening sun with my best mate Karl. We initially went to photograph in the local park, but there were not many (ie. none) flowers out. So we ended up down the beach!Continue reading “Evening Beach and Park fun!”