New Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes Update For December

Over the course of the next week there will be three new film simulation recipes released for Fujifilm X-Trans IV cameras. This brings the total site film simulation catalogue up to 29 (20 X-Trans III and 9 X-Trans IV).

A classic film stock based on AGFA film.
A recipe based on good old fashioned instant film.
An old film stock type recipe, with a golden glow.

And once these are released, there will be a final release on Christmas Day of something very special (if all goes well!)

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Llanelli North Dock Photography Meet (And Film Sim Test)

Tuesday 24th November I headed out to Llanelli North Dock with my photography group for our weekly shoot. This was a place we’d never been. A reclaimed dock and Waterside area with some stunning scenery. The visit took us not just to the beach, but there was a lovely lake worth many wild birds, plus a wooded area.

It’s always nice visiting new areas, but on days where I have a lot of things to try it, it’s even more exciting. I had a number of new film simulations I’d been working on, plus some base ideas for them. For this I shot both raw and jpeg and loaded my camera with the simulations.

As you can see, these simulations were put together by myself, mostly for trial on the visit as I knew it would possibly allow some experimenting. The end results actually had me change things up a little, but that’s the best way to get perfect results.

Here are the images from today, all straight out of camera (viewing them full screen makes a better experience), they were just resized in Photoscape X Pro with no other changes. A follow up blog showing some of these in print will follow in the next few days. The equipment used on this shoot was my new Fujifilm X-T3 along with the Fuji 15-45mm and 50-230mm lenses.

It was such a wonderful day, and I’m more than happy with the simulations as they are. They will be put onto the website in the coming days, as time is limited a minute. As you can see, I got excited by my Portra recipe, so there us quite a few images using that!

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Portra, Vintage Mono, Eterna XTra and Leica Q2 Monochrom Cool will all be available in the next few days from the Fuji section of the website. Leica-Like V2 will follow once I have found a more suitable testing ground

— I’m currently looking for testers to test out the film simulations I do, as this will help me perfect them more in different scenarios. Please contact me if you would like to help.

Fujifilm Film Simulations Update For September

This month has seen the release of three new film simulations, with Kodachrome and Kodak ColorPlus 200 being released at the beginning of the month, and today we release DoubleFilm BubbleGum for you all!

MGA Kodachrome – A nice accurate version of this loved film stock!
MGA DoubleFilm BubbleGum – A fun, lomography type of new film stock!

Currently we have 16 film stocks and exclusive film simulations for you to use with your Fujifilm camera, either in-camera or in your X Studio software! These are:

AGFA Ultra Colour 100 (Based on film stock)

Classic Chrome Faded

Classic Chrome Contrast

Colour Chrome

DoubleFilm BubbleGum (Based on film stock)

Kodachrome (Based on film stock)

Kodak ColorPlus 200 (Based on film stock)

Kodachrome Faded

Fujichrome R100 (V1.0) (Based on film stock)

Provia Natural

Velvia Dark & Contrast

Acros + R Deep (“Dark Skies”)

Acros +R Faded

Monochrome Deep Extra

Lecia M10 Monochrom (V1.0) (Based on digital film look)

Leica M10 Monochrom (V.2) (Based on digital film look)

Each one of these is carefully crafted using various techniques as described here. Ideally as a Fujifilm user, these film simulations look amazing when printed! Check out why printing is really important by visiting here.

There is a full guide on inputting these settings here for you to get the best usage in the quickest possible time!

Please say tuned for more film simulation releases coming in the near future! Your input would be much appreciated as to what you would like to see!

— Please remember, I only do this in my spare time, and there is a lot of testing involved to get things accurate. Please help me by sharing the site, or the Fuji page, and also looking at my photography, liking and commenting on posts, and generally being involved!