I Have A New Camera!

At the end of last year I decided that I wanted to do something else with my photography. I had been shooting digital since the very first digital cameras, and had been shooting film on and off since the 1970s. I wanted a new experience, and so after much thought I decided on going with the instant film route!

(Above image: My Fujifilm family!)

Why did I go Instant Film?

Initially I just wanted to tread the water so hunted high and low for a reasonable Fujifilm Instax camera and after seeing many recommendations I purchased the Instax Mini 70. I know I haven’t shown many images, but I have taken almost 100 images with that camera so far, and at £1 per frame, that’s a lot of money. But there is something about the images. A nostalgic feeling, from the time you press the shutter button, right through to the final image.

That feeling cannot be replicated by any other means. You press that shutter having composed your shot, the film pops out, and right in front of your eyes the film develops. The images are quite unique on the Instax Mini 70, a small format with limited dynamic range and easily blown out highlights, but they are perfect in every way.

My new camera

And so, having absolutely loved my experience with the Mini 70, and wanting more and bigger I researched hard about which square format instant camera to go for. I wanted to stay with Fujifilm, I wanted to start fully analogue, but the camera that was always recommend was hard to come by at a reasonable price. And so, eventually on eBay I managed to pick up a Fujifilm SQ6. According to all reports, one of the best Fujifilm Instax cameras.

I would have square images, which really takes the nostalgia volume up higher than ever before, plus higher dynamic range, plus as a bonus, the film is roughly the same price! On top of this I also have a few more features such as flash suppression (missing from the Mini 70), double exposures (missing from the Mini 70), more exposure control than the Mini 70 plus everything I love about the Mini 70.

As you can see from the photograph, it’s a nice looking camera, and being only slightly bigger than the Mini 70, it’s not much more to carry around. I’m looking forward to taking them out with me!

Where can you see me Instax images?

Although I’ve not shown them much on my website (although that might change), a lot of my Instax photographs are shown on my personal Facebook, the Worldwide Instax Facebook page, my Fujifilm Lovers Worldwide Facebook group and also on Instagram.

Here are my first four test images from my new Instax SQ6. I was testing different conditions and functions. Top left is indoor with flash (my wife), top right is double exposure (eldest son), bottom left is direct sunlight (youngest son) and bottom right is in the shade (me):

First four images from my new SQ6, testing different lighting conditions.

And here are examples of my Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 which I have been using since January. This is from a daytrip to the nearby coastal town of Porthcawl.

A daytrip taken on Instax Mini film!

And so my adventure in instant film continues, and although I have showcased just family photographs here, I plan to use them much more for other things. It’s just so much fun!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

6 thoughts on “I Have A New Camera!

  1. Great stuff. I love shooting film too, albeit not instant. These images definitely have a look to them, and of course will stand the test of time like no other images. There’s something to be said for a physical photograph that appears within minutes in front of your eyes
    Nice one

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  2. Hey Mark, it’s like David says, there’s nothing like a physical picture that you can grab and ready in seconds/minutes after shooting. The analog feeling + a real photo as a result, what more could you want.
    It’s a pity that the photos are pricey, not bad if you shoot like in the analog era (thus economical) but not if you have a “digital finger”. I just had a seizure from GAS – I want one too!
    Have fun with it Mark! And let us enjoy it’s pictures once in a while to 🙂

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  3. Hi Mark,
    Just wondering what was your thought process in choosing the SQ6 camera rather than the SP3 Instax printer given that the latter has tight integration with the X-T3?

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    1. Hiya Martin,

      I did consider SP3 and other units that allowed printing a photo you choose, but I really think that takes you out of the experience that I was looking for. I just think that if you’re given the choice to select images, then the “moment” is gone.

      Plus, the SQ6 is fully analogue, and the output very different to printing a digital image. But as I said, I certainly contemplated getting the SP3, SQ10, SQ20 and even the Liplay at various points during my buying research.

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