Family day out at Ogmore Castle and Merthyr Mawr (Film And Phone)

Whatever happened when we woke up this morning, we knew we were going out. We didn’t know where, didn’t know the weather, but we ended up in Ogmore Castle and the village of Merthyr Mawr in the showers and mist of the day! And what a great adventure we had!

As well as having a great time with the family, I wanted to try the new Fujifilm Instax SQ6 camera that I have recently purchased. There were still four unused frames in the camera, plus I had an extra pack with the camera when I bought it. After the failings of my previous SQ6, I wanted to be sure that replacing the film was ok and that everything worked fine. Thankfully it did!

One of the hard things to get right with film cameras is the exposure. The first four photos (taken inside the castle ruins) were taken on the last of the expired film, which had also been exposed to an open back compartment of the camera. The rest of the images were taken on just out of date film. One thing I realise after my initial test shots in good weather the day I had the camera, along with the images with the flash that were taken in the car on a little snack break we had, this film needs good light. Also, when at a distance I need to suppress the flash.

Initial images taken in bad weather. It’s really hard to capture these by taking a photograph, but in real life they are much brighter. Taken on SQ6 with expired film that had also been exposed to daylight when the back had been opened. All taken in auto mode.
Images taken in the car using the built in flash, on a fresh pack of expired film. A much nicer look, and much sharper. These were taken in portrait setting mode, except the double exposure of the boys which was in double exposure mode.
A bit of experimenting, with landscape mode, darken mode and landscape mode again. There was no detail in the skies as it was grey and raining. Looking forward to trying this camera in the sun!

As I mentioned above, these are photographs of photographs, so have lost a little of their look. I will start to scan images very soon for a better and more accurate look.

I also used my Huawei P30 Pro phone to capture some images. Here are a selection of them from the day. These were cropped and edited in Photoscape X Pro.

I’m really starting to enjoy, and prefer square cropped images for general use. In camera on my Fujifilm X-T3 I have the viewfinder and images set to square (shooting in raw and jpeg so I have the full ratio for printing). I absolutely love the love and crop of the Fujifilm Instax SQ6 and it’s easy enough to crop the phone images.

I hope you have enjoyed todays selection of images? If you have, please like, comment and subscribe for more images and articles. Thank you. Mark.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

6 thoughts on “Family day out at Ogmore Castle and Merthyr Mawr (Film And Phone)

  1. Hey Mark, Although great pictures with the Huawei, you can clearly see the difference with the “real” pictures. Especially with the second set you can see that they are much more lively – and it’s expired film you say?
    Even expired there is much more life in the colors.
    Also the gloss, that’s something you can’t do digitally – at least not as far as I know.
    Have a great weekend Mark!

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    1. I really do love using the Instax film, there’s just a look about them, capturing a time and place that digital doesn’t. Expired by one year, which is fine I believe, use expired quite a bit as it’s usually much cheaper to buy.

      Liked by 2 people

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