Bryngarw Country Park Visit

So, as autumn draws to end, a visit to Bryngarw Country Park in Bridged was the perfect opportunity to capture the final colours of this magical season. Everything was perfect, the temperature, the company, the weather and the location. It made for a fantastic adventure!

Travelling light I took my Fujifilm X-T3 with the XF18-135mm lens. I’ve really grown to love this lens, and cannot imagine a day like today without it. Great autofocus, great range, feels good in the hand and it’s nice and sharp. Here are some of my favourite images from the day, edited in Photoscape X Pro for quick uploading from the day.

As you can see, I’ve gone for a different type of editing today. I thought a vintage feel to the Colour Chrome+ images would help give the feel of an autumn that is about to end. I actually post a lot of images from my days out over at my Instagram and Facebook accounts, so you’ll no doubt see images from today looking very different in the coming days.

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Until next time… Thank you for your time!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

8 thoughts on “Bryngarw Country Park Visit

  1. I love the shots, esp. of the cute little bird! ❤️ I also love this concept of one camera, one lens, though I haven’t used a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The act of having to change lenses every time you shoot, it’s too time-consuming, I think. I’ve seen great samples of photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T3, and this post made me “bookmark” this camera. 😊

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  2. Hey Mark, I don’t understand how with a 135mm – and one then still set to 116.1mm – you were able to shoot that bird ???
    Here you need at least a 300mm (+ a teleconverter) and they will still disappear if you get too close!
    Do I come across as evil, or are they just so scared here 🙂
    Very well done though!
    The vintage style is like real analog photos – great!
    Also nice to see more photos of your group, changes the atmosphere – can’t find the right word in English for it, but i think you will understand me.
    Take care!

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    1. Thanks Marc. The robin was pretty close, probably about 3 meters away, they generally are quite brave for birds!!! 🤣

      I just fancied using this asthmatic, as soon as I uploaded the images I just knew that’s what I wanted for some reason.

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