Garden Macro with the Viltrox 85mm

All things macro… I’ve heard good things about attaching the Viltrox 85mm F/1.8 lens to extension tubes and using it as a macro lens. And so, the weather was perfect, the garden had just been watered and I had just attached the Viltrox 85mm lens to 47mm worth of autofocus extension tubes and onto myContinue reading “Garden Macro with the Viltrox 85mm”

A Guide To Making Mono Photographs

Sometimes it’s just nice to strip away the colour from a scene and tell a different story. Sometimes the colours around you are so desaturated, there’s hardly any colour so it may as well be monochrome. There are times that you see the beautiful interplay of shadows and highlights, and only monochrome will work as youContinue reading “A Guide To Making Mono Photographs”

Afan Forest Park Visit 14-07-20 in 27mm

The Afan Valley is a beautiful area of woodland, scattered with various woodland paths, a mining museum and six very long and exhilarating mountain bike tracks along with much more to take in. Located on the outskirts of Port Talbot, and not far from the home of Richard Burton, just getting to the parking isContinue reading “Afan Forest Park Visit 14-07-20 in 27mm”

The Importance Of Presets And LUTs

Introduction:Presets and LUTs are a staple of digital photography, and they have very specific and different uses, although they seem very similar. Where as a preset is a set of instructions that tells your image to display particular contrast, saturation, sharpness, including all the basic settings and indeed even more complex instructions such as borders,Continue reading “The Importance Of Presets And LUTs”

Aberavon Walk 06-07-20 with 85mm lens.

The first day where the five mile restrictions are eased, and headed a few hundred yards down the road. Although I didn’t walk far, it seems the beach attracted people from far and wide, and it was a really busy day with a busy prom. I decided to use my Fujifilm X-T20 with my ViltroxContinue reading “Aberavon Walk 06-07-20 with 85mm lens.”