DXO PhotoLab V5 Elite Review

I’ve reviewed many software packages over the years, and own many packages from all the main suppliers. I keep up to date with them so that I can share knowledge and help others, and generally keep in touch with the progression of editing software. So, when a package comes along that makes you raise anContinue reading “DXO PhotoLab V5 Elite Review”

With mobile phone cameras so good, do you need an actual camera?

These days there’s always a camera in your pocket. Chances are you use it a lot of the time, because it’s always on your person. From the prolific images on social media, everyone seems to be taking photographs, which is absolutely amazing! So, do you need an actual camera these days? It’s not for youContinue reading “With mobile phone cameras so good, do you need an actual camera?”

How do I feel about people stealing my work?

I had an message out of the blue yesterday by someone in a distant country, asking me how I felt about people stealing my film simulations and claiming them as their own. This really made me think, as it’s not just about the work I do with these simulations, but with photography and blogging inContinue reading “How do I feel about people stealing my work?”