Using Frequency Separation to Retouch Portraits

Introduction Being a portrait photographer inherently comes with a responsibility to ensure the model looks their best in the final images. It is important to showcase their natural beauty, but at the same time remove “imperfections” that otherwise may be an unfair distraction. This brings us swiftly on to the subject of retouching; the “darkContinue reading “Using Frequency Separation to Retouch Portraits”

I have bought into a new camera system! My first impressions and images.

Oh no! Rumours were rife last week that I was leaving the Fujifilm ecosystem behind. That couldn’t be further from the truth, I was just selling things I don’t use or don’t like. And what better way to replace them than buy a compact system for a different kind of photography. So, I sold myContinue reading “I have bought into a new camera system! My first impressions and images.”

A Lockdown Walk In Pictures

So, we’re still on lockdown here in Wales, and we’re told we can go out for exercise, and we try to do it whenever we can. Usually it’s just myself and the boys, but we managed to get the wife along with us as she was off work for once. We walked around the block,Continue reading “A Lockdown Walk In Pictures”

Clydach Canal Photography Outing

It’s always good to get out and about, especially in the climate we are currently facing. Meeting a group of friends from Great Photography Walks NPT we re-visited the Clydach Canal in Swansea, this time heading north instead of south through this idyllic part of the country. I thought I would use this outing toContinue reading “Clydach Canal Photography Outing”