Commit to your image. Commit to your vision.

Photography has come a long way since it’s early days of becoming popular with the masses. It’s evolved, and keeps evolving, and ever increasingly that evolution relies on being as safe as you can, shooting in raw and editing when you get home or back in the office. However, there’s a growing amount of peopleContinue reading “Commit to your image. Commit to your vision.”

Improve your photography with a prime lens

A lot of people fail to understand how using a prime lens can make you a better photographer than you are at the moment. There’s a mindset that believes that you are constrained by using a single focal length, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article I’ll explain why using aContinue reading “Improve your photography with a prime lens”

The Continuous Shooting Trick That’ll Get You The Shot

There’s a way to capture the perfect photo, a way which will allow you to never miss the moment, … And it’s simple to do on any camera! * This article isn’t about “spray and pray” techniques, but about using the tools at your disposal when you need to. If you don’t miss the shotsContinue reading “The Continuous Shooting Trick That’ll Get You The Shot”