Its Bluebell Season And Time For Family Images!

Bluebell season is here! What better way to start off the season but take the family up to Margam to the bluebell fields at 10 Acre Wood and have a few photographs! And what better way to try out the new laptop (more on that in soon!). Images taken on the Fujifilm X-T3 with theContinue reading “Its Bluebell Season And Time For Family Images!”

Commit to your image. Commit to your vision.

Photography has come a long way since it’s early days of becoming popular with the masses. It’s evolved, and keeps evolving, and ever increasingly that evolution relies on being as safe as you can, shooting in raw and editing when you get home or back in the office. However, there’s a growing amount of peopleContinue reading “Commit to your image. Commit to your vision.”

Pixtures: Get your photos seen

One of first questions I’m asked by photographers is “What exactly is Pixtures?” Personally, I think that this question is answered by browsing through the site and looking at the photography supplied by our contributors but it never hurts to explain what my vision is for Pixtures in the longer term.  Simply put, Pixtures isContinue reading “Pixtures: Get your photos seen”

Ultimate Darktable Resource And Guide

Darktable is a free and open source photography application and raw developer. It is very similar in operation to Adobe Lightroom, and includes both a virtual light table to view all your images side-by-side and a darkroom for your images. It gives you full management of your images in its fully zoomabale lighttable view, andContinue reading “Ultimate Darktable Resource And Guide”