One Year Of One Camera One Lens

I’d like to thank everyone for visiting One Camera One Lens, and I’m just going to share with you a brief story of how it started, how it’s gone and where it’s headed. You can get full stats on how the website has been developing on my 100th Blogspot Special post.


For many, many years, since the dawn of digital cameras and social media, I always marketed myself as Mark G Adams Photography. I used this as of course this was my name and this is what I do, however it had been in my mind for a long time that I wanted to step back from the limelight, and I wanted to do more creative work such as writing articles, story telling my images and letting others share their work in a place which is all about photography, with no boundaries and no restrictions to the other persons abilities.

I had also began a philosophy of travelling light with my camera. Most of the time, just my camera and a single lens which was attached to it. That was something that really inspired me to do better at photography. Usually equipped with just my X-T20 (later X-T3) and the Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 lens. That combination of camera and lens just set me free, and gave me a thirst for developing my skills and really enjoying photography again.


This led me to hunting down a website and domain, and so I chose WordPress (.com version). This allowed me to forget about the free website designers I had always use, and use something that was much more professional and to top it off I chose the onecameraonelens name for the domain.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard work writing, photographing and promoting the site. But, it has been worth it. The last few weeks though I have been letting things slip. I think you can sometimes over promote something, so I’ve slowed down… But I’m not stopping as I’ve just renewed the package for another year!

Of course a big part of OneCameraOneLens is the input from contributors. In it’s first year there’s been many fellow photographers contributing, and we also have regular contributors who do different things and hopefully make the site a bit more interesting.


At the end of the day, OneCameraOneLens is my personal website above all other things. It’s a place I document life, write articles and share knowledge and it’s my little piece of the internet. It’s a record of where I’ve been photographing, what I’ve been passionate about and most importantly, it’s a place to share my images.

The future then is all about just sharing photos, sharing ideas and hopefully finding my mojo to create more Fujifilm film simulations. I admit I have just lost the enthusiasm for this at the moment, as I have created so many and there are only so many you can do. We will see how things go with regards to this.


Finally, thank you to everyone who’s ever visited, contributed or whatever. I’ve got one more year of this before I decide if I want to keep the full website or revert back to the free version. I will keep the domain name though, as OneCameraOneLens is just so me.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

12 thoughts on “One Year Of One Camera One Lens

  1. Congratulations! I too kept a blog for many years but found it was 1) taking too much time from my life and from photographing, 2) extending my workday since I do web design/dev all day and 3) not making the impact that I wanted with the right group. I sense you have the right group here for what you are writing about and I enjoy your posts! I hope to continue reading/responding as a way to relive vicariously through you what I no longer do. In fact, you may inspire me to write again!

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    1. Thank you Juliette. We all go through phases of just drying up for a while, I know I’m going through that right now, but summer is coming and there’s a million more photos to take! Thanks for your wonderful support.

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  2. As I mentioned before, you have done so much work to making this website happen and the making of your film simulations, where many of us are using on our cameras. A well done from me and congratulations.

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  3. First of all congratulations Mark!
    I enjoy reading your articles, and you always manage to bring something new.
    You are also someone who is always there for others, which is clearly seen in many of your posts.
    I myself have also been working on my website for about a year, and you have always helped me by promoting and inspiring, and you still do, thanks for that Mark !
    A big thumbs up and keep going !

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