Autumn Photography Shoot At The Gnoll, Neath.

The Gnoll is a great place to take photographs in Neath. A huge plot of land, ready for exploration, filled with fields, trees, old buildings, ponds, wildlife and so much more. Today though I just wanted to keep it simple, and capture the essence of autumn.

Armed with the Fujifilm X-T3 and 15-45mm alongside the TTArtisan 7.5mm, I had a specific thing in my head that I wanted to capture. All images were photographed using the Velvia film simulation, and shot in both jpeg and raw. The jpegs were cropped and edited in this blog, using ON1 Photo Raw 2022. I may well do some edits from the raw files at a later date.

Here are the images, and yes, it was as wet as it looked! Thankfully I was with a great group of people!

All EXIF is in the images. The final 7 images are with the TTArtisan 7.5mm. Using a fisheye is hard work in the rain, as you have to keep it dry, so you literally keep it covered, see a shot, take it out and fire and put it away. I did make a booboo, and forgot to change the focus distance from close to infinity (I had been trying to shoot close up with the fisheye). Sadly, I couldn’t use 3 or 4 images as they were so out of focus, although, there is one above (4th from last) which kind of works with only the foreground in focus.

I’ve been using Velvia now for the last couple of photography shoots, and the images are much more saturated than my usual Classic Chrome based images. I’m not too sure if I feel they are too saturated or not? Velvia is certainly not something I will always use, but it’s been a change.

I will be doing more artistic edits from today, which will be found on my Instagram account! So feel free to join me there! Thank you for taking a moment to view my blog. Hope to see you soon!

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Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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