10 Reasons you buy a Fujifilm camera

Being a Fujifilm photographer is wonderful, but their cameras usually draw a certain kind of photographer, one who has wishes and needs that differ from your usual photography needs. Over the years there have been many reasons noted to as why you would consider going to Fujifilm. Here is a list of the top ten reasons that attract such a cult following.

1. You love the colour science in Fujifilm jpegs.

Probably the biggest reason of all. If you are a jpeg shooter, or just want amazing looking images straight from camera, then the Fujifilm series of cameras has arguably, the best-looking images. From the classic looking Classic Chrome, through to landscape lovers Velvia and monochrome lovers Acros. Fujifilm colour science rocks.

2. You want a compact, almost grip free design.

With almost every camera out there having substantial grips and a large body, Fujifilm cameras have the design down right. No need to add any accessories that make the camera larger. Just a design that feels so good. This is why it’s important to try out cameras before you buy, as there is definitely a “feel” to Fujifilm cameras.

3. You adore tactile buttons and dials.

Dedicated dials to shutter speed and exposure control, most have dedicated ISO dials too, plus most Fujifilm lenses have aperture dials. You don’t realise how important this is until you have to pick up your camera quickly and guidance at the settings without the camera even being turned on. Plus of course, it just works!

4. You enjoy using prime lenses.

Fujifilm has a long tradition of keeping size and image quality to an optimum. Combined with small cameras, Fujifilm has the greatest line of sharp, fast primes, especially made for its superior sensor. It’s a combination made in heaven.

5. You want modern control that’s an improvement on the PASM method.

The traditional PASM dial is so cumbersome and out of touch with modern photographers that once you remove them and go to Fujifilm’s design, it’s impossible to understand how you lived with the old method for so long. With Fujifilm you’re always in fully manual mode, but if you want the camera to take control of a setting you just switch that setting to “A”.

6. You want the X-Trans sensor.

The X-Trans sensor has been designed to give more colour and better low light with less noise, and it really does deliver with a bang.

7. You want the retro looking aesthetics.

Fujifilm cameras just look nice. There’s no doubt about. When others look at your camera, they see a timeless classic, with understated retro good looks. Fujifilm cameras are a thing of beauty.

8. You want to be a bit different.

Everyone has Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras. They are great cameras, great tools for the job. It’s great to be different, for all of the reasons mentioned in this list.

9. You want to replicate the output of film.

It’s true that beautiful, straight from camera images are possible with the Fujifilm series of cameras, and with a wealth of options to tweak the already great colour profiles of Fujifilm’s in built film simulations, there’s a very real possibility of capturing film like images. So much so in fact, there’s a huge community of photographers who only shoot in “recipes” designed to replicate film.

10. You want the best.

It goes without saying, Fujifilm make amazing cameras with amazing features. As an all-around great system, it really is the best. It may not have autofocus as good as Sony’s systems, may not have image stabilisation as good as Panasonic’s, may not have the dynamic range of some of Nikon’s cameras and may not even have the lens selection of Canon! But the cameras have everything that matter to most of the people, most of the time. With a top ten reasons list like this, what more could you ask for?


There are many more reasons why you would want to buy a Fujifilm camera, and of course there are many reasons you might not want to buy a Fujifilm camera. However, it’s 2022, and buying the wrong camera is really hard! If you’re look for a new camera, don’t forget to try it out first, as you don’t want the mistake of adding many accessories to it, as it just takes away from the beautiful body and design.

The evolution of the Fujifilm camera is a strange one though, as more recent cameras have started to see buttons and dials removed from them. Starting with the X-T30 which had the D-Pad removed, effectively losing you four tactile buttons. Since then, other newer models have seen the loss of the focus switch on the front of the body (S/C/M toggle). It’s these things that made Fujifilm cameras so special!

My advice to you is, go out there and try the camera you like before buying. I STILL highly recommend the X-T2/20 cameras above all others, as they really were the pinnacle of design and features, and combined with their now low price, they are simply untouchable for value versus performance (take a look at the X-H1 also!).

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons you buy a Fujifilm camera

  1. Hi Mark,
    I enjoyed reading your article,
    well written and the right tips!
    I agree, the X-T2 and T20 are, so to speak, legendary Fujifilm cameras.
    Pro or amateur, these have pretty much everything a camera should have – and indeed, testing them out is the best thing you can do to see what fits you best.
    I think many of your readers will benefit from your tips.

    Liked by 1 person

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