Coity Castle & Church.

It has been a long break from group meets, so a month later and I was eager to get out and take photographs. We had a brilliant turnout, with 21 of us taking image of the castle and church at Coity in Bridgend, South Wales. I took this opportunity to become a new me, so the tripod was in use, plus I tried a few things such as a nice panorama, HDR images and some focus stacking, more of which of those will be in a future blog!

I took my Fujifilm X-T3 along with the Viltrox 13mm and 56mm F/1.4 lenses, but only ended up using the 13mm lens. All images were edited from raw in Darktable, where they had the “Natural Look” DT Style added to them, along with many other edits and of course the now familiar 4:5/5:4 crop.

There was a strong sun behind the Castle for a lot of today, but I am happy with the images as I shot HDR brackets, which I am glad I did! I’m also happy that the tripod was very useful, as I could HDR merge in Darktable with no issues (as there’s no auto-alignment in Darktable for HDR).

We should have a great selection of images next week, as we have a visit to a coastal area. So stay tuned for that one!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

6 thoughts on “Coity Castle & Church.

  1. Good looking series of photos Mark,
    The natural look DT style fits perfectly here.
    I think the weather was also a blessing,
    here it does nothing else but rain.
    Take care!

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  2. Hey Mark, Great Photos! We are thinking of adding this to our list for tomorrow’s visit to Wales. We’ve read about the conservation works but don’t see any in your great photos, is there any at all?

    Keep it up! Interesting Place!

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    1. Thank you, yesterday there was no work, or any sign of work being done inside the castle, however, around the back there was some fencing, but it did not distract from the visit one bit.

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      1. Thank you. There was no sign of any work in the castle yesterday, however there was some fencing at the rear, which did not distract from the visit. If you get a chance, go into the field behind, there’s a great view.

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