Complete Guide To Colourising A Photograph

Many of us have old photographs that we think would look better in colour, and with modern software packages it is easier than ever to get this done with minimal effort, but a considerable amount of time. This article looks at using Gimp and Affinity Photo for colourising your old photographs. There are plenty of tutorialsContinue reading “Complete Guide To Colourising A Photograph”

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Files

Introduction Although throughout this article we will talk about backing up photographs, you should back up all important files in the same way because of you have issues with your computer you may will lose everything precious to you. Backing up doesn’t mean just taking photos off your camera and placing them on your computer.Continue reading “The Importance Of Backing Up Your Files”

Welcome to “One Camera One Lens” – The new home for my photography.

Introduction & Welcome As time goes by, I want to develop this into a specialised blog site, following my work, creating useful articles and dedicating space to Fujifilm and Open Source Software. A place where people can dip in and out, and know exactly what is new and exactly what they’ve seen before. A placeContinue reading “Welcome to “One Camera One Lens” – The new home for my photography.”