One Year Of Shooting Film – By David Ellinsworth

One year ago my sister gifted me her Minolta SRT101b, a fully manual 35mm film SLR (single lens reflex) camera from the 1970s, which our parents had bought for her when she started art college 30 years ago. Up until then I had never considered shooting film. I just perceived it as cumbersome in comparison toContinue reading “One Year Of Shooting Film – By David Ellinsworth”

Landscape Photography: An Introduction (Part 1)

In this article, regular contributor David Ellinsworth takes us through part one of his multi-part guide to photographing landscapes. When I began photographing landscapes it seemed like an easy option. After all, landscapes don’t move; they’re easy targets, and so I thought if I stand in the right place with a great view in front of meContinue reading “Landscape Photography: An Introduction (Part 1)”

Photographers Spotlight Series: David Ellinsworth

Welcome to One Camera One Len’s Photographers Spotlight Series, where we discover other photographers who you may find extremely interesting. They share their love for photography, their stories and a selection of their images. This will be a regular feature, see the end of the article for details. I took up photography as a hobbyContinue reading “Photographers Spotlight Series: David Ellinsworth”