Sunset With Handheld Long Exposures!

Both the sunset and the high tide coincided, and so it was a perfect opportunity to get out with the camera and take some images of them both! I headed out with my son, met a friend, and we took a few images! I think you’ll enjoy these… All images taken on the Fujifilm X-T3Continue reading “Sunset With Handheld Long Exposures!”

Landscape Photography: How To Photograph Waterfalls (Part 2)

Introduction Waterfalls are a magnet for landscape photographers, and even those who wouldn’t typically designate themselves as landscape photographers love a waterfall. They are undeniably photogenic and very difficult to resist, and are usually always at their prettiest at this time of year, in autumn, when the colour palette explodes. Getting the most from aContinue reading “Landscape Photography: How To Photograph Waterfalls (Part 2)”