Improve your photography with my 10 tips – By Stephen Davies

As we are in the age of the smartphone we are all now photographers and taking more photos than ever before, so if your taking photos for your company’s social media pages or just taking snaps of the childrens and pets, hopefully these 10 tips will improve your photos. I will try my best toContinue reading “Improve your photography with my 10 tips – By Stephen Davies”

A photographers most useful editing tool

I’ve taken tens of thousands of images over the years, but switching to digital unleashed an editing tool that really transformed the way that I looked at photography and composed my images. It’s a tool that’s so simple, yet so powerful. A tool that some are afraid to use, and some have welcomed with openContinue reading “A photographers most useful editing tool”

Photographing The Moon (Easy Guide!)

I keep seeing people struggling to take photographs of the moon, and long articles going into the setup and execution of successful moon photography, but they’re always over complicated and make it sound like it’s hard work. Photographing the moon is the easiest thing to do if you understand you’re basically shooting straight into aContinue reading “Photographing The Moon (Easy Guide!)”