Darktable 4.2 Review And Overview

Another year is ending (and ended!) with a new Darktable release, and the free and open source community brings us another stunning release with Darktable 4.2. This is a major update, and not because it offers many new features (it has a few great news features!), but because many parts of it have been re-written,Continue reading “Darktable 4.2 Review And Overview”

A Selection Of Darktable Styles – Part 2

Darktable has its own presets that are known as Styles. They’re a powerful and useful part of editing in Darktable, and they can be great starting points to give your images a consistent look and feel. As a major contributor to Fujifilm film simulation “recipes”, it’s been at the back of my mind for aContinue reading “A Selection Of Darktable Styles – Part 2”

How important is it to photograph in raw instead of jpeg? A different reason to consider!

A question we’ve all heard asked a million times… “Do you shoot raw or jpeg”? The answer to which is generally answered by the questions, “yes”, “no” and “both”. Numerous polls conducted over the years show between the yes and no camp, it’s around 50/50, so, how important is it to photograph using raw insteadContinue reading “How important is it to photograph in raw instead of jpeg? A different reason to consider!”

Why you should invest time to learn Darktable

Darktable is a free and open source raw editor that you can download and install on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It has been developed by photographers, for photographers, and because they are not interested in using gimmicks to make money, it is a very powerful, professional and capable piece of editing software. TheContinue reading “Why you should invest time to learn Darktable”

DXO PhotoLab 6 Elite Review

Although not as well known as other software packages, the DXO name IS known from the excellent Nik Collection. DXO as a company are responsible for testing lenses and cameras in great detail, and with this knowledge, its allowed them to build possibly one of the best editing packages available right now. Right from theContinue reading “DXO PhotoLab 6 Elite Review”