DXO PhotoLab 6 Elite Review

Although not as well known as other software packages, the DXO name IS known from the excellent Nik Collection. DXO as a company are responsible for testing lenses and cameras in great detail, and with this knowledge, its allowed them to build possibly one of the best editing packages available right now. Right from theContinue reading “DXO PhotoLab 6 Elite Review”

Quickly get a workable image in Darktable

Darktable is the go to free photo editing software for many people. It’s powerful and has many features that even paid software doesn’t have. However, when people start learning Darktable, they find it hard to to get a good workable starting point. I decided to write this article to help those many people who feelContinue reading “Quickly get a workable image in Darktable”

Why I started Great Photography Walks meets and Facebook pages and what I think about it and it’s future.

In 2017 I had some free time on my hands after finishing full time work in order to bring up the children. I knew I wanted to do something with photography, and wanted to use this opportunity to see if I could start making a way of life with the passion that I had hadContinue reading “Why I started Great Photography Walks meets and Facebook pages and what I think about it and it’s future.”

DXO PhotoLab V5 Elite Review

I’ve reviewed many software packages over the years, and own many packages from all the main suppliers. I keep up to date with them so that I can share knowledge and help others, and generally keep in touch with the progression of editing software. So, when a package comes along that makes you raise anContinue reading “DXO PhotoLab V5 Elite Review”

Luminar Neo Review

I’ve been testing Luminar Neo for the last three months or so now, so I knew what my expectations would be for the final release. Skylum software has promised an editing package of phenomenal power, but have they delivered? What is Luminar Neo? Neo is the follow up editing package to LuminarAI, which in itselfContinue reading “Luminar Neo Review”