A New Film Sim Recipe – MGA Nostalgic Provia

Fujifilm have released a new film simulation which they have called “Nostalgic Negative”. This simulation seems to be very close to Provia in the side-by-side examples I have seen. The new film simulation from Fujifilm turns reds to a very slight orange and there are other little tweaks, such as slightly raised shadows. Nostalgic ProviaContinue reading “A New Film Sim Recipe – MGA Nostalgic Provia”

Spotlight: Photography with Poems by Ann Tudball (#03)

Welcome to episode #3 of our spotlight on Ann Tudball’s wonderful work. In this episode Ann shares two great poems for you all to enjoy, while I supply the images for each of these amazing pieces of work. In episode #3 we have two poems, the first titled “A Childs Garden” and the second titledContinue reading “Spotlight: Photography with Poems by Ann Tudball (#03)”

How do I feel about people stealing my work?

I had an message out of the blue yesterday by someone in a distant country, asking me how I felt about people stealing my film simulations and claiming them as their own. This really made me think, as it’s not just about the work I do with these simulations, but with photography and blogging inContinue reading “How do I feel about people stealing my work?”

Life In MGA Sepia+

Sepia is one of those overlooked film simulations that not many people use, so this film simulation recipe is just for a bit of artistic licence. Deep, contrasty and unique, MGA Sepia+ is Sepia, and then some! This simulation gives you a really really old-skool look, and it’s hard to control the highlights and shadows,Continue reading “Life In MGA Sepia+”

A Lockdown Walk In Pictures

So, we’re still on lockdown here in Wales, and we’re told we can go out for exercise, and we try to do it whenever we can. Usually it’s just myself and the boys, but we managed to get the wife along with us as she was off work for once. We walked around the block,Continue reading “A Lockdown Walk In Pictures”