Weobley Castle Photography Shoot

Although I’ve passed this castle many times, it was one which I had never stopped at or visited. So today, along with my photography group I visited Weobley Castle in the Gower, Swansea. Weather was perfect, I had some ideas and got a few results! Weobly Castle is a 14th centaury fortified manor house, andContinue reading “Weobley Castle Photography Shoot”

15 Photographers sites you should visit

Like many of you, I love to discover new and upcoming photographers, along with more established photographers. I enjoy seeing the different styles, the different outlooks and the different techniques that each brings, plus of course I love just looking at their websites for ideas and inspiration for myself. What we have here is aContinue reading “15 Photographers sites you should visit”

The most important part of photography that so many photographers forget!

Photography is an amazing hobby, a fun past time that’s been with us for over 100 years. When we look back at those old photographs that family members have left behind, the feel, the smell, the experience and the emotion these images bring us is unparalleled. History in your hands, a person, a place, anContinue reading “The most important part of photography that so many photographers forget!”

A Day Of Photography, A Day Of Variety. From Morning Until Sunset.

Tuesday 3rd of August was a day of photography, in the morning the grounds of Jersey Park and the reservoir, a little later the church yard, and in the evening a sunset. I tried a number of in camera recipes, plus I used a few other tricks. Here are my favourites from the day. PartContinue reading “A Day Of Photography, A Day Of Variety. From Morning Until Sunset.”