My Photography Goals For 2023

I’ve been enjoying photography for a long time now, but I want to enjoy it even more in 2023. For this I’ve set myself some targets in what I want to achieve. It’s going to be a change of direction and way of thinking, because I want to change a few things about my photography.

I’ve put together a list of 10 ideas to achieve the photographs that I want to achieve in 2023.

01. Using a tripod.
I want to start using my tripod more for various reasons, a few of which are in this list. Mostly I want it to slow me down to a spot that I take a fancy to. I think this will allow me to visualise my surroundings much better. I’m in no way saying it’s to take less photos, because that’s not the reason, and I could end up taking more!

02. Focus stacking.
I’ve always wanted to play more with focus stacking, be it landscapes, flowers or whatever it may be. My camera can do it, so there’s no excuse.

03. Long exposure.
I think everyone has been through fads of doing long exposures, I know I have. In 2023 I want to take it further, but not simply targeting water, but by using longer exposures in street photography, landscapes, portraits and more.

04. A calendar worthy image a month.
I’ve talked about it for years, but I’ve never really planned for a calendar, so this year I will be dedicated to collecting and storing my images so I can simply make a calendar at the end of the year.

05. Take more kit with me.
I’ve lived by one camera and one lens for what feels like forever, however, now I’ve gone all prime lenses, and with the thought of what I want to achieve, I will be taking more lenses etc with me on a more regular basis.

06. Photograph everything at base ISO.
I’ve never been worried about ISO, and I will happily use the full scale (160-12800). When using the tripod though, I want to aim for base ISO wherever possible, and as I’ll be using the tripod more, this should be achievable!

07. Print more!
I already print, but I tend to have times where I forget and have a backlog. I’m going to make it a part of my weekly routine to print.

08. Use my tools for macro.
I’ve always loved macro work, but stopped doing it because I went lazy. I have extension tubes and macro filters (I sold my macro lens), I must make time to use them because I can use them and usually use them well.

09. Continue to improve my Darktable skills.
I love Darktable, and use it more than any other editing package. I want to know the software inside out during 2023.

10. Have more fun!
With all that is said and done, I want to enjoy my photography even more. That means, just getting in with what I want to do, at the speed I want to do it. I want to improve through technique and just getting out and about and enjoying the experience of being out.

Wish me luck!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

6 thoughts on “My Photography Goals For 2023

  1. Just wish digital never came loved my Nikon F3, and 2 lens, but here we are with X-T3 and still struggled to have enough pictures for my Calendar got there with a lot of searching. You may have to change the title to one camera and a variety of lens!

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    1. Lol! I always feel guilty when I’ve got more than one lens with me! But… As I say, you can only ever have one lens on one camera! Thanks for the comments, much appreciated!


  2. Hi Mark, happy new year!

    I’m with you on a few of your top ten. Ironically, since I purchased the OM-1 with its renowned IBIS, I want to use a tripod more. Mainly for astro shots and other effect situations like long exposures. I’ve recently downloaded ReeXpose for iOS and really enjoy the LE attempts so far but those are on iPhone. A few ND filters to help on the Olympus would be great, but no more gear than that. Oh, apart from a lens or two. I definitely recommend number 10. Fun is the main reason I took up photography, with some mindfulness for good measure.

    Best wishes again for 2023. 🎉

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    1. Thank you Alan! I really fancy doing long(ish) exposure town/city exposure’s too, capturing people like ghosts (if you know what I mean). I just want to try different things, or things I have grown out of the habit of doing.

      Hot you’re enjoying the OM-1, it’s definitely a very interesting camera! I know so many people who have bought it and really love using it.

      Best wishes for 2023 to you too! I hope my Vero app starts to work more than it does!


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