Fujifilm X-H1 First Impression 2021

The Fujifilm X-H1 – 24MP X-Trans IIIThese are my first impressions after buying this camera second-hand mid-June 2021. When I first got hold of the camera, it immediately felt perfect, a nice big grip, well placed shutter button, and finally a viewfinder that is placed in such a way that you don’t have to stickContinue reading “Fujifilm X-H1 First Impression 2021”

New Fujifilm Recipe: Vintage Summer

I have been working on a “summer” type recipe for a while, but never been happy with the results. So I started from scratch and tried again. This time I liked the results. “Vintage Summer” is a recipe for a summers day, with that vintage vibe. If you’re a Fujifilm photographer, please join our new communityContinue reading “New Fujifilm Recipe: Vintage Summer”

New Eterna Sun & Leica M10 Mono X-Trans IV

It’s been a long time since I worked on new film simulation recipes, and these two have been on my camera for a while in different states of experimentation. I wanted to create a retro feeling Eterna based recipe and an X-Trans IV based Leica M10 monochrom recipe, and at last I am happy withContinue reading “New Eterna Sun & Leica M10 Mono X-Trans IV”

New Fujifilm Community!

Today see’s the launch of the new Fujifilm community on Facebook called Fujifilm Lovers Worldwide Group. You can join us here and be a part of this exciting new group! Join me and a lot of familiar Fujifilm users at Fujifilm Lovers Worldwide Group | Facebook where we talk about, share photos and have weeklyContinue reading “New Fujifilm Community!”

One Year Of One Camera One Lens

I’d like to thank everyone for visiting One Camera One Lens, and I’m just going to share with you a brief story of how it started, how it’s gone and where it’s headed. You can get full stats on how the website has been developing on my 100th Blogspot Special post. History For many, manyContinue reading “One Year Of One Camera One Lens”