New Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes Update For December

Over the course of the next week there will be three new film simulation recipes released for Fujifilm X-Trans IV cameras. This brings the total site film simulation catalogue up to 29 (20 X-Trans III and 9 X-Trans IV).

A classic film stock based on AGFA film.
A recipe based on good old fashioned instant film.
An old film stock type recipe, with a golden glow.

And once these are released, there will be a final release on Christmas Day of something very special (if all goes well!)

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Spotlight: Photography with Poems by Ann Tudball

Photography is great, and sometimes words and images can sit nicely together. After seeing one of my images that I put up recently my friend Ann Tudball contacted me about sharing some of her poems with one of my photos. Of course I was delighted to do this, and so we’ve put together this guy you.

We have two images, “Winter” by myself, and “Summer” by Ann. The photographs along with the words of the poetry is a beautiful idea, and one I’ll hope you’ll enjoy.

Ann is a South Wales based photographer with a stunning website and also stunning Instagram pages. You’ll find more information about her, her photos and poems in the links at the bottom of this page.

This first poem is for the winter photograph:

Image by Mark G Adams

“Winter walks.”

Autumn is over, colours be no more.
Trees left bare and stark.
Winter arrives, the holly shines, the berries bright.
Wet leaves crunch beneath my feet.
The warmth of wool to aid the chill.
Little lights twinkle at every door, welcoming the festive season once more.
Low afternoon sunset warms my cold face.
Darkness will come and winter walks alone are no longer safe…

The second photos are for the summer photograph:

Image by Ann Tudball

“The Sunflower Field.”

I want to lie in the sunflower field
I want to feel fearless and free, just you and me
To smell the sweet scent of summer, just you and me
I want to count the passing clouds, just you and me
To hear the distance sound of silence, just you and me
I want to find the dreams we dream, just you and me
While I lie in the sunflower field, just you and me.

Image by Ann Tudball

I hope that you enjoyed something a little bit different with this blog entry. Photography and poetry are two things that I also love to do, and it would be great if you could leave feedback on this. I’m always looking for featured Spotlight photographers, so please contact me if you would like to appear here.

You can view Ann’s website and blog here.
Follow her on Instagram here, here and here!

Video Editing With DaVinci Resolve And Rico Richardson

These days a lot of photographers don’t just photograph still images, but take a lot of video footage. Unlike photographs, the medium of video means software packages are more complicated and can do very different things to photo editing software, making them ideal for creating videos for promotion, YouTube and even movies.

DaVinci Resolve by BlackMagicDesign is a fantastic free video suite that allows you to create the best best in video for your every need. It offers “Professional Editing, Color, Effects and Audio Post!”

There are far too many features to mention, but to highlight a few, it has HDR, LUT support, visual effects, text, next generation colour grading, mesh based warping, wide colour gamut, fast editing with keyboard and mouse, real time audio mixing, live view, cutting, pasting and so much more!!!

Our friend Rico Richardson on YouTube has a fantastic playlist of tutorials on using DaVinci Resolve. We highly recommend that you check out and subscribe to his channel, in fact both YouTube channels as they are a fantastic resource and very educational.

Check out DaVinci Resolve with Rico RichardsonThe number one resource for Davinci Resove tutorials on YouTube. Subscribe and enjoy!

Check out Gear Island with Rico RichardsonWant to see some amazing gear reviews? Why not subscribe and check out this new YouTube channel!

Check out DaVinci ResolveThe number one free video editor suite.

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Eighteen Months With Fujifilm – Reflecting On The Move

It was a little over 18 months ago that my decade with Nikon came to an end. I remember struggling to decide what to do. My heart had been set on upgrading to a Nikon D500, but then at the Camera Show 2019 in Birmingham I played with numerous cameras and really disliked how the D500 felt in the hand. On the other hand, I just loved everything I seen and touched from Fujifilm. I went home and researched everything there was too know about The Fujifilm cameras available, and the story began.

A Bit Of Background

There are a number of reasons that Fujifilm sprang to mind when deciding to upgrade from my D3200 and D5300 cameras (I’d also had a D40 and D7100 over the years before these). First of all, I had briefly used a Fuji S1 DSLR before moving to Nikon, plus during the time I owned Nikon camera I also owned a number of Fujifilm bridge cameras. I always wanted my Nikon images to look like the Fuji images, but sadly they never did.

Another reason I swayed towards Fujifilm was the very granula analogue controls and looks that the cameras have. Since I was around twelve I’d had access to or owned various 35mm SLR cameras from Zenith, Minolta, Olympus, Nikon, Pentax and more. I’d also owned many instant film cameras and other formats, but the 35mm SLR cameras were never far from me. Having read that the Fujifilm also emulate old film stocks very faithfully, my mind was made up and I purchased a Fujifilm X-T20. It was everything I had wanted. Smaller than the clunky DSLRs, stylish, plenty of control without going into the menu and I could sell all my Nikon kit and just afford it with two lenses.

The Journey

It was a huge learning curve moving from a DSLR to a Fujifilm mirrorless camera (just getting used to the fact there’s no PASM dial alone was interesting!). It was akin of moving from throwing paper airplanes, to suddenly flying a jet fighter. Yes, the basic principles are the same, but that’s as far as it goes.

Having the ability to see exactly how your photo turns out before you press the button is game changing, having film simulations (or very advanced colour profiles) is game changing, having 14fps instead of 5 is game changing, quick flip screen… Analogue controls… Hundreds of auto focus points… Eye auto focus… Edge to edge focusing… Huge selection of bracketing modes… Upgrading firmware from phone app… Amazing low light performance… All game changing in everyday use.

I loved the X-T20 more than any camera I had ever owned. It transformed my photography because of everything mentioned and more. Photography was fun again, and I adopted a philosophy of one camera one lens to keep my kitbag small and to really push my artistic abilities. If you look through my images, you can visually see the point that it changes from Nikon to Fujifilm. If never been happier.

Having such power from such a small and capable camera really helps you enjoy photography again. No more heavy bags, you can carry your camera anywhere, and enjoy taking photos again. In fact, I’ve enjoyed taking photographs and the Fujifilm ecosystem so much that I traded in my X-T20 for the top of the line X-T3.

The Future

Now I have what is arguably the best APS-C camera, with even more features than the X-T20, and much faster processor as well as other refinements (faster frames per second, much better auto focus, more simulations, bigger EVF etc) I can happily build on what I’ve been working with. This includes my onecameraonelens personal website which has regular photography posts filled with my photos, the Fuji film simulation section of onecameraonelens (which is proving hugely popular), Great Photography Walks South Wales which I run (as a meeting group and a Facebook group) and which allows me to take images in places I have never or rarely visited before and lastly to concentrate on the Fujifilm Simulations Group which I Admin.

As far as photo development is concerned, I really want to concentrate even more on getting everything I want in camera. I only want one or two images per shoot to be artistically edited in any way. I want to visit more towns and cities and let the documentary photography overtake my landscape photography. I also want to concentrate more on creating more film simulations as well as grow my website.


It’s not hard to imagine how much I’ve fallen in love with Fujifilm. Everything from the tactile controls before you take the photo, through to the finished product is just perfect. It’s the system for photographers who just want to enjoy taking photos.

I’m enjoying being out with the camera, it’s non-obtrusive these days which makes so much of a difference. The images I take are sharper than ever before, I can shoot in lower light and I never get to miss a shot because of lack of burst or buffer speed.

I’m looking forward to taking photos, shooting until my cards are full of my batteries are empty. Because you can never look at photos and opportunities you’ve never taken and quantity with quality is a feeling second to none.

Photographers Spotlight Series: Marc Roovers

Welcome to One Camera One Len’s Photographers Spotlight Series, where we discover other photographers who you may find extremely interesting. They share their love for photography, their stories and a selection of their images. This is a regular feature, see the end of the article for details.


My name is Marc Roovers, the youngest of four and born in 1961. My brother started a photography club in the village where we lived and it didn’t take long before I caught the virus too.

First it was mainly watch them take pictures, lying flat on their belly in front of a mushroom or a row of trees, and learn about coupled flash units, command dials, extension rings and reversed lenses. Almost every weekend we were hauling bags full of camera equipment to a new destination.

And then into the dark room, the red light, the chemicals, the baths, the enlarger, and finally a photo on paper. Who thinks that photography stops with the shot, and that developing the film is something you can’t control is wrong, the darkroom is the photoshop of the computer.

Analog photography, fully executed from shot to result, has something …

I don’t remember exactly, but it must have been somewhere around the age of 10 that there was nothing stopping me, I needed a camera, and I got one, a Kodak 110 Instamatic.

There was not much fun to be had with that one, and as we had a lot of cameras at home, I quickly switched to an old Voigtlander with bellows, which could be set completely manually, then the fun started!

It didn’t take long before I got my first SLR, I think it was a Fuji ST701, shortly afterwards I also had a Pentax SV, and as the years passed, other cameras followed.

I completed my obligatory Military service, got married 3 years later and soon after we had 2 children, both girls. In this period one element disappeared: development from start to finish. I continued to shoot, but it wasn’t the same anymore.

The eighties brought the computer into my life through work, and a new hobby was born, from self-study to programming courses, website building, databases, etc. to evening classes and ultimately trained as an IT specialist and got a job as network administrator.

Meanwhile, digital photography started booming. A new hobby that revived an old hobby. What was missing was back: developing… now digital, on the computer. And yes, it just wasn’t enough, I soon developed tools and apps for image editing in Windows.

At one point I realized it was time to move on and leave Windows for what it is, about 3 years ago, I started working on Kubuntu and open source image editing software. Making apps and tools has temporarily stopped, and now I’m developing HaldCluts and profiles. I have developed my own series of Luts called PictureFX, and these are also present in the G’MIC-Qt plugin and the Free Online Film Emulator, recently my infrared Luts have been added.

Other hobbies? Bushcraft is one of them, learning survival techniques, not to survive but to live in and with nature. Less of a hobby but a very deep interest in motorcycles, cars and airplanes, especially older ones and more specifically those of  the WWII period.

Got the opportunity thanks to a wonderful wife and life partner to drive a Ferrari like in the Magnum P.I. series years ago, and as icing on the cake more recently flew with a WWII fighter plane, the Mustang P51, I was even allowed to take over the controls for a short time while we were up in the air, of course under the supervision of the experienced instructor / pilot. This last present was not cheap so I don’t expect any major ones for the next 10 years 🙂

Not so long ago I started a new website,

I was already working on my own website before, in 2011 I bought my own domain,, but retirement is imminent, and the costs became too high to maintain it any longer (the contract expires April 2021).

Hence the new start – photography Regenerated !

Marc Roovers

Camera Gear:
Pentax DSLR K3 and K5 and many lenses from 8mm up to 500mm.
Olympus OM D EM10 with pancake 14/42mm and K&F Concept OM/M43 adapter.
Fujifilm X100 original, X-A3, X-E1, X-T10 and X-T20.
Fujifilm XC 15-45mm, 7artisans 25mm, Meike 35mm, Samyang 12mm and 7Artisans 7.5mm.
Olympus Zuiko OM lenses from 21mm up to 300mm with K&F Concept OM/Fuji X adapters.

and more…

Dell Studio 17” i5 8MB ram (about 10 years old) with Kubuntu 18.04.
Rapid Photo Downloader, Digikam, Luminance HDR, RawTherapee.

We’re always looking for photographers to share their stories, websites, social media and more. Please contact me if you would like to contribute! People always enjoy reading about others. Get yourself seen today