New Film Simulations – MGA Fuji 400H Redux And MGA Kodachrome Classic

Two new film simulation recipes for the Fujifilm X-Trans IV sensors, and for that occasion I went for a walk with the family to take some new photographs to compare the different recipes. I have put a base image of Classic Chrome to compare the two film simulation recipes to.

The first new film simulation is MGA Kodachrome Classic, based on a generic Kodachrome look, and giving the look of vintage film. I’m very happy with the look of this new version of Kodachrome, and I can see it becoming a favourite of mine in the future, it’s just got that vintage tint to it that sets it apart from other simulations.

The second is an attempt at Fujifilm 400H film stock. This has just been discontinued by Fujifilm, so I have this “Redux” version which is an amalgamation of numerous 400H photographs that I have seen. This version is very much based on the film being over-exposed by at least one stop, as seems to have been normal for this film stock. It’s meant as a tribute to the great film stock, and can never replicate exactly its development process. The film produces a more green/blue cast, leaning toward the green

Here you can find a side by side of MGA Kodachrome Classic and MGA Fuji 400H Redux from images I took while having an hour out at a local park during lockdown.

MGA Fujifilm 400H Redux Vs MGA Kodachrome Classic
MGA Fujifilm 400H Redux Vs MGA Kodachrome Classic
MGA Fujifilm 400H Redux Vs MGA Kodachrome Classic
MGA Fujifilm 400H Redux Vs MGA Kodachrome Classic

Here is a sample strip of original Fujifilm 400H film stock, with matched exposures for comparison. As you can see, the results are pretty similar. Sadly, today the weather wasn’t perfect for this shoot.

Fujifilm 400H Film Samples
MGA Fujifilm 400H Samples
Pro Neg Hi Vs MGA Fuji 400H Redux for comparison of base simulation

For the recipes of these film simulations, please visit the Fuji X-Trans IV page here.

New Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes Update For December

Over the course of the next week there will be three new film simulation recipes released for Fujifilm X-Trans IV cameras. This brings the total site film simulation catalogue up to 29 (20 X-Trans III and 9 X-Trans IV).

A classic film stock based on AGFA film.
A recipe based on good old fashioned instant film.
An old film stock type recipe, with a golden glow.

And once these are released, there will be a final release on Christmas Day of something very special (if all goes well!)

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