Porthcawl – A Day Of Two Halves!

Well, we were not expecting Porthcawl to be the way it was. We arrived in rain and gale force winds, and the day didn’t look promising. However, the weather forecast was that it was going to brighten up an hour or so after started, and thankfully it did! It means that I have a diverseContinue reading “Porthcawl – A Day Of Two Halves!”

Luminar Neo Review

I’ve been testing Luminar Neo for the last three months or so now, so I knew what my expectations would be for the final release. Skylum software has promised an editing package of phenomenal power, but have they delivered? What is Luminar Neo? Neo is the follow up editing package to LuminarAI, which in itselfContinue reading “Luminar Neo Review”

A new printing project begins!

Long-time readers and people who know me know how passionate I am about printing. Printing is THE most important part of your photography, but sadly it’s a dying art. I have a new project which involves printing, but not photos that I’ve generally taken. This is the project. I have many hundreds (possibly thousands) ofContinue reading “A new printing project begins!”

With mobile phone cameras so good, do you need an actual camera?

These days there’s always a camera in your pocket. Chances are you use it a lot of the time, because it’s always on your person. From the prolific images on social media, everyone seems to be taking photographs, which is absolutely amazing! So, do you need an actual camera these days? It’s not for youContinue reading “With mobile phone cameras so good, do you need an actual camera?”