My Top 7 Fujifilm Recipes I Use Most Often

There are so many Fujifilm recipes out there now, you just can’t keep up, so choosing the best seven is always difficult. However, the 7 recipes on my Fujifilm camera are the ones I have almost permanently locked in. Here are my top 7 Fujifilm recipes that you should be using, and why!

As a little note before we start, as mentioned there are many hundreds of recipes out there now. To be fair, there’s not much difference in a lot of them, and its the images of the subjects they were photographed with that have sold them, more than the recipe itself. We all live in different climates, with different weather and sun intensity etc, so what looks good to use in Northern Europe, may look very different to those in sunnier climates!

In no particular order…

MGA Colour Chrome+ (X-Trans IV) [or just the Colour Chrome variant on X-Trans III]
A simply stunning all-round recipe that gives a great look straight from camera. No strange white balance offsets, just great chrome colours with a little bit more kick to them. [Recipe Details Here]

MGA Vintage Chrome (X-Trans IV) [will give similar results on older sensors without all settings]
The most versatile recipe there is for a vintage look. Photograph at -1/3 a stop for a stunning vintage film look that many try to replicate, but fail with, or shoot until you are just pushing the highlights and you get a very “Preet Uday” look. For summertime, there’s no other recipe that comes close. [Recipe Details And More Examples Here]

MGA Leica M10 Monochrom V3 (X-Trans IV) [there’s an X-Trans III version too!]
One of the most widely used black and white recipes, this was modelled on an actual M10 Monochrom photographing and tweaking side-by-side images. The recipe has amazing contrast, and can be used in street photography and for portraits. [Recipe Details And More Examples Here]

MGA Classic Pro (X-Trans IV)
There are few recipes that give very natural colours, but MGA Classic Pro is one that really shows the world as you see it. Its ideal for many shooting conditions and is a truly remarkable recipe amongst the world of recipes that just don’t look realistic. [Recipe Details And More Examples Here]

MGA Portra 400 (X-Trans IV)
There are so many Portra recipes out there, and many of them look nothing like Portra, being either too cool or too warm. This recipe was based on my on developed Portra 400 film images. Its had a lot of praise by people who have photographed with Portra film, and I like it! [Recipe Details And More Examples Here]

MGA Leica Like (X-Trans IV) [there’s an X-Trans III version available too!]
Beautiful colour renditions, closely matched to the more saturated/smooth Leica camera profiles. Again, this was tested side-by-side with Leica colour science and Leica jpeg images. Its a firm favourite with many, and is useful for nice sunny days. [Recipe Details And More Examples Here]

MGA Vintage Summer (X-Trans IV) [it’ll work great with other sensors!]
One of my favourite recipes for that vintage summer look. This recipe works best with strong sun, bright colours and beaches or summer vibe images. [Recipe Details And More Examples Here]

These days I photograph and edit in raw much more, because although I love recipes, they are limited compared to photographing in raw. As mentioned, they, for the most part, all look the same these days, every setting has been used and renamed a million times. But that doesn’t take away the fun from using them. With this set, it really lets me have the jpeg as I want for quick use, while I can do other things with the raw files.

I hope that you enjoyed this list, and use at least some of them. They serve me well as I always back up all my jpegs and they simply don’t need editing when they look this good! Yes, the list is very over-indulgent in my own recipes, but they are also recipes that are used by many people and I’ve had tremendous feedback about each and every one of those mentioned in the list.

Remember, photography is meant to be fun, and film recipes are just a part of that fun! There is so much to do with your photography, so just get out there and take photos!

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