Rest Bay Porthcawl – A Day Of Photos, Stacking Images, Long Exposures And Panoramas

It was a stunningly beautiful January day, the sun was out, there was no biting wind and the temperature wasn’t too bad with the sun blazing down on us. The trail was a long path along the coast, over a set of sand dunes and then back again. A flat, and not too hard 12,000Continue reading “Rest Bay Porthcawl – A Day Of Photos, Stacking Images, Long Exposures And Panoramas”

Simply and quickly avoiding hue colour shifts with Darktables Filmic/Sigmoid modules.

Darktable is a fantastic editing program, but it is not without its faults. For many, Darktable is overly complicated, and the tutorials available for it are technical or too long winded to sit through for many people. For this “Darktable Simplified” tutorial (as I’ll call them from now on), we will quash your worries andContinue reading “Simply and quickly avoiding hue colour shifts with Darktables Filmic/Sigmoid modules.”

Coity Castle & Church.

It has been a long break from group meets, so a month later and I was eager to get out and take photographs. We had a brilliant turnout, with 21 of us taking image of the castle and church at Coity in Bridgend, South Wales. I took this opportunity to become a new me, soContinue reading “Coity Castle & Church.”

Darktable: Filmic RGB, Sigmoid Or Neither?

Darktable is an amazing piece of software, however, the decision to develop a separate module from the Filmic RGB module which they have named Sigmoid has caused some confusion among Darktable users. They are both intended to do the same, or very similar things, but both give quite different results. First of all some informationContinue reading “Darktable: Filmic RGB, Sigmoid Or Neither?”

My New Techniques For Editing Images (Examples)

For the last couple of years, I’ve been obsessed with getting things right in camera and using straight out of camera (sooc) images wherever possible. Its 2023 and I’ve decided to start editing much more. Funny thing is, for the last few months I’ve been editing a raw files a lot more anyway, but IContinue reading “My New Techniques For Editing Images (Examples)”