Fujifilm raw files and why they can look underexposed in Darktable

Many users of Darktable are Fujifilm camera users, and thankfully Fujifilm raw files work nicely with Darktable. However, I had some comments from Darktable users where they say that Fujifilm files can be underexposed by seemingly a lot once you open them in the darkroom. Here is your answer to why this is! I’ll giveContinue reading “Fujifilm raw files and why they can look underexposed in Darktable”

Waterfall country. Pontneddfechan

It was a glorious winters day, with it feeling more like Spring than it should. The water levels were not so high that we couldn’t get to where we wanted to go, and they gave us the opportunity to take some great photographs. Pontneddfechan is near Glynneath in South Wales, and is home to manyContinue reading “Waterfall country. Pontneddfechan”

Commentary & Poll: Is An Aperture Ring Important To You?

Welcome to Day 2 of “12 Days Of Christmas” where for the next 12 days until Christmas day 2021, we have one day an article, followed by one day a poll. All this will take part across a number of Facebook groups, Twitter and of course this website. Please feel free to take part, andContinue reading “Commentary & Poll: Is An Aperture Ring Important To You?”

Evening Shoot At The Quays (Baglan)

In a very rare evening shoot (generally just due to the situation of the World lately, and of course time!), we went for a sunset and some long exposures. We didn’t have a sunset, but we did enjoy ourselves and get time to hang around with people we know and take some photographs! Using theContinue reading “Evening Shoot At The Quays (Baglan)”

Weobley Castle Photography Shoot

Although I’ve passed this castle many times, it was one which I had never stopped at or visited. So today, along with my photography group I visited Weobley Castle in the Gower, Swansea. Weather was perfect, I had some ideas and got a few results! Weobly Castle is a 14th centaury fortified manor house, andContinue reading “Weobley Castle Photography Shoot”