Coity Castle & Church.

It has been a long break from group meets, so a month later and I was eager to get out and take photographs. We had a brilliant turnout, with 21 of us taking image of the castle and church at Coity in Bridgend, South Wales. I took this opportunity to become a new me, soContinue reading “Coity Castle & Church.”

Mumbles – The Final Meet Of The Year (In new recipe “K Kolour”)

As you all know, I take a group of photographers out every week. This week was the final meet of the year, and as usual it took place in Mumbles in Swansea. It has become tradition that we meet at this venue the last meet before we break up for Christmas. I decided to doContinue reading “Mumbles – The Final Meet Of The Year (In new recipe “K Kolour”)”

A Misty Morning

For the second day in a row we have had really misty weather. Today I thought I would take advantage of that and go and take some photographs. My idea was to only use the jpeg images from today, which I shot in Velvia, and while I shared those images with social media, I decidedContinue reading “A Misty Morning”

A Walk Around The Lower Lliw Reservoir

As the year comes to an end as far as group meetings go, our penultimate meet was in Lliw Reservoir in Swansea, South Wales. Its a location we had visited a different section of a few years ago, so this part of the route was all new to us. I managed to capture the dyingContinue reading “A Walk Around The Lower Lliw Reservoir”

Penllergare Forest Walk (With The Viltrox 56mm)

Another week, and again I visit a forest. Today we were lucky as when we arrived there was a bit of autumn mist, which gave us something a bit different to photograph! I didn’t take too many photographs as I really just enjoyed the walking and talking today! All images taken with the Fujifilm X-T3Continue reading “Penllergare Forest Walk (With The Viltrox 56mm)”