The KLIC Principles for Learning to Keep It Consistent And Creative

In October 2019 the KIC:KIC (Keep It Consistent, Keep It Creative) Principles were released to help individuals improve their photography. Following these simple guidelines would ensure a steady curve of improvement in people’s work, by having a plan laid out with tried and tested techniques to develop their photography in a productive way. Since then,Continue reading “The KLIC Principles for Learning to Keep It Consistent And Creative”

Singleton Botanical Garden with Viltrox 23mm

Sometimes its great to try out a new lens, and fresh in my hands is the Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 prime lens. I knew the group had Singleton Botanical Gardens coming up, so I thought to myself, what better place to try out this lens. It is THE lens I have always wanted (focal length andContinue reading “Singleton Botanical Garden with Viltrox 23mm”

20 Tips For Better Photography

Taking photos is easy, anyone can do it! However, here are my top 20 tips for getting a better photography experience. With many decades of experience in using a both an analogue 35mm camera, digital SLR camera’s and selling photos and services, I have found these to be invaluable! 01. Be prepared the day before – Forget all theContinue reading “20 Tips For Better Photography”