PhotoWorks Review

I’m always on the lookout for new, powerful editing software for editing photos. Not just for myself, but also to share with the photography communities I run who have a diverse range of people at all levels of their photography and processing journey. I came across PhotoWorks on the internet, and knew it would beContinue reading “PhotoWorks Review”

Culling my editing software

As many of you know, I own quite a bit of editing software. Some of it through curiosity, some if it through affiliates, but all of it to use. Over the years I’ve used it so I can make fair comparisons to other software, plus I have tutored software packages to those in need. AsContinue reading “Culling my editing software”

These powerful Google Photos editing features make it awesome!

Do you spend a lot of time looking at and editing your photos on your phone or tablet? Do you edit the odd photo on your phone or tablet? Whichever you answer, there’s a brilliant feature of Google Photos that many people don’t know about. When you’re looking at your images in Google Photos, youContinue reading “These powerful Google Photos editing features make it awesome!”

LuminarAI Version 2 is here! A look at the most advanced AI powered photo editor!

LuminarAI Version 2 is now here! Use code GPWNPT at the checkout if your upgrading or buying new! Download LuminarAI Version 2 Luminar AI Version 2 is now available to purchase, and gives you the creative power to edit your photos like never before. LuminarAI’s clever creators have built a package that can be asContinue reading “LuminarAI Version 2 is here! A look at the most advanced AI powered photo editor!”

Maximising Your Cameras Dynamic Range

After the success of the article “Maximising Your Histogram” we follow that up with taking a look at how to maximise your dynamic range by looking at three popular techniques that will allow you to achieve this. We look at their Pros and Cons, and hopefully this will let you get the best from yourContinue reading “Maximising Your Cameras Dynamic Range”