My Photography Goals For 2023

I’ve been enjoying photography for a long time now, but I want to enjoy it even more in 2023. For this I’ve set myself some targets in what I want to achieve. It’s going to be a change of direction and way of thinking, because I want to change a few things about my photography.Continue reading “My Photography Goals For 2023”

A Selection Of Darktable Styles – Part 2

Darktable has its own presets that are known as Styles. They’re a powerful and useful part of editing in Darktable, and they can be great starting points to give your images a consistent look and feel. As a major contributor to Fujifilm film simulation “recipes”, it’s been at the back of my mind for aContinue reading “A Selection Of Darktable Styles – Part 2”

My Top 7 Fujifilm Recipes I Use Most Often

There are so many Fujifilm recipes out there now, you just can’t keep up, so choosing the best seven is always difficult. However, the 7 recipes on my Fujifilm camera are the ones I have almost permanently locked in. Here are my top 7 Fujifilm recipes that you should be using, and why! As aContinue reading “My Top 7 Fujifilm Recipes I Use Most Often”

How important is it to photograph in raw instead of jpeg? A different reason to consider!

A question we’ve all heard asked a million times… “Do you shoot raw or jpeg”? The answer to which is generally answered by the questions, “yes”, “no” and “both”. Numerous polls conducted over the years show between the yes and no camp, it’s around 50/50, so, how important is it to photograph using raw insteadContinue reading “How important is it to photograph in raw instead of jpeg? A different reason to consider!”

Improve your photography with my 10 tips – By Stephen Davies

As we are in the age of the smartphone we are all now photographers and taking more photos than ever before, so if your taking photos for your company’s social media pages or just taking snaps of the childrens and pets, hopefully these 10 tips will improve your photos. I will try my best toContinue reading “Improve your photography with my 10 tips – By Stephen Davies”